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ANADYNE, INC. was incorporated in Santa Cruz, California, in May, 1986, for the purpose of the design and sale of high-precision analog integrated circuits. ANADYNE is best known for its development of logarithmic video-bandwidth amplifiers (LVAs). The L-17C LVA was introduced to the world market in 1988. This award-winning product became recognized as the world leader in the areas of stability, dynamic range, and low noise, among LVAs in the DC- to 50-MHz bandwidth range. The L-17C has been used in many applications on a global basis for two decades.
In 2006, the L-17C was replaced by a higher-performance LVA, designated the L-17D. Since then additional improvements to the original L-17D have been made, resulting in the currently available version 3 of the L-17D. Version 3 is offered in two different pin-outs designated pinout A or pinout B. Because of the current interest in hybrid circuit configurations, the new circuit it available in die form as well, which is designated: L-2010.
For specifications and pricing please use the appropriate links. For those seeking more detailed technical information, a link to the application notes for the L-17D has been provided. This provides technical information for both pin-outs of version 3 of the L-17D, as well as the L-2010 die.
Although ANADYNE products are used world-wide, ANADYNE does not sell directly to non-U.S. customers, but rather utilizes the export services of various U.S. exporting companies. If you are a prospective non-U.S. Anadyne customer, please contact us for referral to an export company unless you already have one.

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ANADYNE is well-known for its client services. We work closely with our customers, as needed, to provide technical guidance and design advice. In general, the more we are informed about the user’s design goals and specifications, the more help we can provide. ANADYNE always maintains strict client confidentiality, unless we are given permission to disclose.

Please contact ANADYNE directly if you require further information. For general questions, you may call ANADYNE during the hours of 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. ( California time), Monday through Friday.

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