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The L-17D Log Video Amplifier IC is flexible, powerful, and easy to tune.

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Anadyne Inc. has designed precision analog devices since 1986.

Our main product is the L-17D logarithmic amplifier.

The L-17D DC to 80 Mhz IC includes:

  • ANADYNE's Fast Ultra Low Noise Preamp; Compatible with many different input topologies for maximum flexibility.

  • Two More Linear Amplifiers; Integrated amplifiers allow for very low propagation delay and high dynamic range.

  • Eleven Log and Linear Extension Stages; Many of the stages are tunable making very precise and custom non linear transfers possible.

  • Direct Summing Junction for Dual LVA Circuits; Two or more L-17D's can be used in combination for even more dynamic range.

  • Output Amplifier Stage; Our output amplifier can drive 50 ohm cables and now comes with a short circuit protection option.

  • Hermetically sealed and thoroughly screened for high reliability applications.

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The L2010 is the L-17D die, available for customers who wish to utilize hybrid designs.

PC-17Dv3 Test and Evaluation Board  also available


Anadyne, Inc. has updated it's export policy and Terms and Conditions of sale.

We have simplified our date code for packaged products. Now entire wafers are processed in one production run and parts are marked by wafer and a serial number.

Revisions have been made to the L-17Dv3 application notes, version 1.2.

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History of the L-17D

ANADYNE, INC. was incorporated in Santa Cruz, California, in May, 1986, for the purpose of the design and sale of high-precision analog integrated circuits. ANADYNE is best known for its development of logarithmic video-bandwidth amplifiers (LVAs). The L-17C LVA was introduced to the world market in 1988. This award-winning product became recognized as the world leader in the areas of stability, dynamic range, and low noise, among LVAs in the DC- to 50-MHz bandwidth range. The L-17C has been used in many applications on a global basis for two decades.

In 2006, the L-17C was replaced by a higher-performance LVA, designated the L-17D. Since then additional improvements to the original L-17D have been made, resulting in the currently available version 3 of the L-17D. Version 3 is offered in two different pin-outs designated pinout A or pinout B. Because of the current interest in hybrid circuit configurations, the new circuit it available in die form as well, which is designated: L-2010.