Precision Analog Design since 1986

Our Current Products:
The L-17D Log Video Amplifier IC
The L-2010 LVA Die
The PC-17Dv3 Test and Evaluation Board

The L-17D DC to 80 Mhz IC includes:

  • ANADYNE's Fast Ultra Low Noise Preamp; Compatible with many different input topologies for maximum flexibility.

  • Two More Linear Amplifiers; Integrated amplifiers allow for very low propagation delay and high dynamic range.

  • Eleven Log and Linear Extension Stages; Many of the stages are tunable making very precise and custom non linear transfers possible.

  • Direct Summing Junction for Dual LVA Circuits; Two or more L-17D's can be used in combination for even more dynamic range.

  • Output Amplifier Stage; Our output amplifier can drive 50 ohm cables and now comes with a short circuit protection option.

The L2010 is the L-17D die, available for customers who wish to utilize hybrid designs.

Please refer to our price list, spec sheet, and application notes for more information.

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