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Our Current Products:
The L-17D Log Video Amplifier IC
The L-2010 LVA Die
The PC-17Dv3 Test and Evaluation Board

The L-17D DC to 80 Mhz IC includes:

  • ANADYNE's Fast Ultra Low Noise Preamp; Compatible with many different input topologies for maximum flexibility.

  • Two More Linear Amplifiers; Integrated amplifiers allow for very low propagation delay and high dynamic range.

  • Eleven Log and Linear Extension Stages; Many of the stages are tunable making very precise and custom non linear transfers possible.

  • Direct Summing Junction for Dual LVA Circuits; Two or more L-17D's can be used in combination for even more dynamic range.

  • Output Amplifier Stage; Our output amplifier can drive 50 ohm cables and now comes with a short circuit protection option.

The L2010 is the L-17D die, available for customers who wish to utilize hybrid designs.

Please refer to our price list, spec sheet, and application notes for more information.

Anadyne no longer has an exclusive agent in China and Hong Kong. As of May 1, 2017, P&Z International's exclusive rights to export to China and Hong Kong is no longer in force. Anadyne maintains a good relationship with P&Z and we are comfortable using them as exporters, but we do welcome orders from any licensed export agent.

The L-17D is a dual use product whose export is subject to US Department of Commerce export regulations. Anadyne requires strict compliance with their regulations.

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